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Many experts and marketers say that branding should not be an element of a social media strategic plan. They suggest that branding should stand alone, even a bit outside of marketing. It makes sense theoretically and sometimes practically for big corporations and companies with large creative teams.

But in reality a lot of small businesses have a weak branding or even don’t have it. And they try to reach and engage their prospective customers & clients using inconsistent content, logos, pictures, color schemes, etc. Therefore, the branding section should be an important element of a social media strategy plan for a small business, at least in a form of quick review. It’s not a secret that in today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to understand and be able to articulate who you are.

In my earlier post ‘Social Media Strategy Elements’ I explained why I use the term “strategic plan” instead of just a strategy. So, I recommend for those who visited my blog for the first time to spend a couple of minutes reading my previous post to understand the context. Sure, I don’t pretend to be like a guru of branding David Aaker or other renowned professionals. I just express my personal opinion about problems and their possible solutions.

OK, for quick brand building (especially for personal branding) anyone can use 7 elements in the following checklist and design a brand.

1) Description. Write about who you are now.

2) Core Business. Write about what will be the major products or services, so they will be your core business.

3) Mission. Some people write here how are they going to improve their community, country or even the world.

4) Vision. Write about, such as, how are you going to treat partners, staff, people around, as well as deal with profit and increase productivity.

5) Values. Write about what you value when serving others, such as: leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, etc.

6) Focus / Positioning. Write about specific niches, customer segments, differentiation, etc.

7) Goal (business or personal, or all in one). Write about whom & where are you going to be in the future.

Of course, both social media strategy and brand building strategy are much more complex. But in this article I tried to make a quick on-the-go analysis for small companies & start-ups.

Picture from Careerealism.

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  • Debra Yearwood

    I would say that for small businesses making the link between their personal brand and social media strategy is particularly important because so much of the trust or presence they have with customers is a reflection of their personal reputation. It has been said in a number of different ways, but in short, customers don’t buy your service,they buy you, so you need to be clear on what your selling. Great article and tips.

    • Viktor Kovalenko

      Thanks for your very nice comment, Debra. I am glad to see you on my blog. And I appreciate your attention to my small marketing discoverings.

  • Lisa Marie Wark

    I think that branding is a part of social media. Social media increase your branding value. These seven elements are really very useful in branding.

    • Viktor Kovalenko

      Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog.