Must Know Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

January 30, 2013 in Infographics, SMM, Social Media by Viktor Kovalenko

One of the biggest common myths I read about using category tool on Twitter – hashtags – was in the blog post by writer Vanessa Doctor. She found out that people usually think that hashtags are only for twitter-ers with a huge following.

Actually it’s for all of us, and especially for those who work in social media marketing and online promotion. Recently I tried to refresh my knowledge about variety and popularity of hastags, because for years on my personal Twitter account I got used to use a small number of them.

Therefore I made a quick list of my frequently used Twitter hashtags and grouped them in four categories. You probably know many of them because they are obvious topics for discussion. (And, of course, it is not the final list of tags used on Twitter). Below is my hashtags infographics.

Twitter hashtagsSure, the hashtag #SocialMedia is most used. If I add it into my 140 characters tweet, I can hope for some new followers. On the following screenshot from Hashtags.Org, a leading online community for micro-blogging enthusiasts you will see the curve of #SocialMedia popularity.

Hashtags.Org #SocialMedia hashtagOther popular hashtag for social marketers is #SMM, which is a key word term “Social Media Marketing”. But there’s no guaranty that all of followers gained this way will talk about social media and start networking with you. And in this blog post I just described how hashtags work in practice.

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